Driver loses showdown with huge elk in Rocky Mountain National Park

Elk are one of the largest land mammals in North America, so when one starts walking toward you, as one did to a group of friends driving in Rocky Mountain National Park, you don’t mess around. You get out of the way.

And that’s exactly what T.J. Drucker and his friends did in a showdown of chicken on a road in the Colorado park northwest of Denver:

A road sign in the video suggests they were on Trail Ridge Road near Poudre Lake and Milner Pass when the encounter occurred.

“I was driving back to Fraser, Colorado, after a day with my friends,” Drucker told Viral Hog. “We decided to drive back through the Rocky Mountain National Park since it was getting close to sunset. We were hoping to see great views and a few animals, and we certainly got [a little of] each.”

On the road ahead walking straight for their vehicle was a huge elk, which appeared oblivious to the oncoming car, whose occupants shared their thoughts aloud in the video.

“He doesn’t even care.”

“No, he does not even care whatsoever.”

“I’ve never played chicken with an elk.”

“Yes, I’ll move.”

“We lose.”

The video ends showing the elk heading toward another car, and its driver just begins — smartly — to turn to get out of the way.

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