Dumb Graphic: 7 Reasons to Watch the NBA Playoffs

 Andrew D. Bernstein / NBAE / Getty Images

When the NFL on Fox introduced its animated robots graphic, everyone thought it was a flash in the CGI pan, an excuse to show off what the guys in the dark room at the back of the office could do. It was childish, annoying, and it made no sense. That was 12 years ago and Cleatus is still employed. A few years back, the NBA (on both TNT and ESPN) topped Fox. They’ve managed to find a way to actually shrink your big-screen TV to a quarter of its size. A handful of times every game, the NBA Big Board – a vast wasteland of red space punctuated by the listings for two upcoming games on the networks –, appears for an interminable 20 seconds or so. It doesn’t matter how much time is left, how crucial the situation. Big Board time is Big Board time. When fans see it, they cringe. It’s 20 seconds of broadcaster-sanctioned, board room-brainstormed hell.