English Surfer Charges Biggest Wave Ever Surfed

Andrew cotton rotator

Look closely at the monstrous wall of water and you’ll see a tiny black dot of man surfing away from fearsome white caps. That’s Andrew Cotton, an unassuming professional surfer—and plumber—from England who might just have broken the record for biggest wave ever surfed. 

Cotton etched his place into surfing history Monday on the Praia de Notre Beach near Nazare, a small fishing village off the coast of Portugal. Here he is making history on the epic wave that’s thought to be an 80-footer, with Garrett McNamara, the current record holder at 78 feet, on the left.

We’ll have to wait until May for Billabong’s final results, but until then, sculpt a wave-slicing physique and conquer a piece for yourself with this surfer body workout routine.

Watch Cotton as he takes on the mammoth wave below.


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