Enormous snow shark constructed by three brothers in Minnesota front yard

snow shark
Bartz brothers pose atop the snow shark they built in their front yard. Courtesy of Glen Stubbe, via Twitter

Three brothers in Minnesota were not going to let this past week’s frigid and snowy weather confine them inside and stifle their creativity.

On the contrary, Austin, Connor and Trevor Bartz went out into the yard, gathered up snow and ice, and spent 95 hours constructing a snow shark nearly the size of their New Brighton house.

A great white shark in the truest sense, given its size and color.

Afterward, presumably, someone in the family commented: “I think we’re going to need a bigger yard.”

But the brothers are to be commended as they possess serious talent when it comes to sculpting snow and ice. According to KARE 11, they spent 95 hours building the shark, which almost looks lifelike and even boasts an impressive set of large, pointy teeth.

Photo of snow shark is a video screen grab
Photo of snow shark is a video screen grab

They spent 10 hours fashioning just the tail and fins. The massive sculpture measures 10 feet high and stands guard in front of the house, no doubt inspiring awe among neighbors.

And this was no lark. The Bartz brothers unleash their creativity every winter. Last year they created a giant pufferfish in their yard.

Commented Outdoor Life, in reference to how the trio has coped with the severe weather this season: “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. When life dumps umpteen feet of winter’s wrath on your yard, make a shark.”

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