Five Celebrities Who SUP

Rihanna SUPs. Photo: @badgalriri


Five Celebrities Who SUP

Our (totally arbitrary) Ranking Of Celebrity Paddlers

By: Joe Carberry

If we got a poke in the eye every time somebody asked us if we’ve ever done a story on celebrity paddlers, we’d be blind. And that would probably be a good thing as most celebs look as though they’re about to have a bowel movement when they’re captured on camera paddling. And we’d rather not picture them that way. But if we had to rank ‘em, these are our top five celebrities of SUP.

1. Julia Mancuso

Photo: Tim Rote
Julia Mancuso knows how to move down the line. Photo: Tim Rote

Julia Mancuso has won five Olympic medals including a Gold in Giant Slalom in 2006. Gate chasing is cool and all but Mancuso earns her stripes here with her work on the water. She trains in Maui during her off-seasons. She’s also picked up a nasty surfing habit (she recently won the internet with a ridiculous picture circulated of her towing into huge Cloudbreak). Respect.

2. Russell Wilson

russel wilson
Russel Wilson picks up his new toys in Seattle. Photo: Doc Doolittle, SUPthemag Instagram 13Bobby Photography

While we may have a small man crush on Tom Brady here in the office, you can’t help but love what Russell Wilson has done in the NFL. “Russell and his teammates use SUP as an offseason training tool,” says Slater Trout, pictured here with Wilson. Hard to believe this guy does the things he does on the football field and he’s only slightly taller than Kai Lenny.

3. Rihanna

Rihanna, not SUPing, but still engaging in water activities. Photo: @badgalriri
Rihanna, not SUPing, but still engaging in water activities. Photo: @badgalriri Getty Images

While there are definitely better celebrity paddlers—and musicians for that matter—we had to get Rihanna in our Top Five simply for the comedy factor. You need your pulse checked if you don’t find Rihanna’s beer-addled paddling pics with half a breast hanging out at least somewhat amusing.

4.Tom Brady
OK, Brady’s on this list for one reason: Giselle. We love watching Tom play football and we don’t care if his balls are deflated. We just want to see Giselle paddle more. He obviously hit the jackpot with the Brazilian über-model as she’s way into yoga, eating healthy and yes, standup paddling.

5. Chris Chelios
Chris Chelios, who chums around with Laird Hamilton, played 27 years in the NHL and was one badass enforcer. “Cheli,” as many of his friends call him, is actually a legit paddler who often surfs barge waves on the Detroit River near his Michigan home.


This originally ran in the 2015 Environmental issue.

Featured image from Instagram, @badgalriri

The article was originally published on Standup Paddling

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