Epic One-Day Adventures: Surfing in Montauk

On Friday, October 14, we will remind all of you of your God-given right to ditch out of work to raft, hike, learn how to surf, or take a motorcycle tour — basically to do any fun, outdoors thing you've been putting off. National Day of Adventure is a skip day for adults where we encourage you to take a single-day adventure that will turn your sick day into a sick! day. 

There's Hawaii's Pipeline and Malibu, Tahiti's Teahupo'o and Jaws. But New York? For surfing? 

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Yes, Montauk, the far ends of Long Island, has become a surfer’s paradise, with some of the best breaks on the East Coast. While the crowds head there in the summer, the best time to catch waves there is in the off-season, generally after Labor Day, when tropical depressions and hurricanes bring in the swells.

One of the more consistent, though crowded, spots is Ditch Plains. To have the waves to yourself, you have to find your own break or make good with the locals at a spot like Terrace.

Watch out for sharks, which are plenty common in these waters.

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