Epic photos emerge as hundreds of sharks feed on massive baitball

For at least three days, hundreds of sharks targeted a massive baitball in an incredible feeding frenzy unfolding just feet from shore at Red Bluff in West Australia.

As landscape photographer Sean Scott was shooting overhead video, his wife Fiona snapped off stunning images showing two sharks in the crest of a wave chasing baitfish. Part of the huge baitball can be seen to the left of the sharks.

“This image was taken by my wife Fiona while I was busy watching the sharks just 100 meters away,” Scott wrote on Facebook.

The second image featured by PerthNow shows the second shark in the wave more clearly.

“They had to pull back to make sure they didn’t land on the beach,” Scott told The Daily Telegraph. “It was beautiful.”

But it was the video that Scott created that got most of the attention from PerthNow and The West Australian. Admittedly, the video is stunning as the scenes show sharks feeding and swimming around surfers and ignoring them.

“My whole family [was] in awe,” Scott told The West Australian.

“What really impressed me was how people and the sharks were co-existing side-by-side. There were people diving and surfing very close to this event and the sharks showed no interest in them and were happy concentrating on the baitball.”

Scott added on Facebook that it was “one of the most breathtaking moments of nature I have ever seen…and really emphasized to me that sharks are not interested in us.”

Days earlier, Simon Tocas and his son Jack took timeout from surfing to launch a drone to shoot similar overhead footage of the sharks’ all-you-can-eat buffet, as reported by Rebecca Nicholls of 7 News:

Tocas and his 16-year-old son also swam with the sharks, which were said to be bronze whaler sharks. Tocas told 7 News they knew what they were doing and wouldn’t dare go into the water with great white sharks.

“They came pretty close, under us and around us,” Tocas told 7 News. “You could see they were weary of us.”

Tocas even touched one on the tail. But swimming back to shore brought some tense moments.

“That was probably the most nerve-racking time really, because we were sort of looking over our shoulders a little bit and half expecting them to give me a nip on the fins,” Tocas said.

The sharks were obviously more interested in the baitball, as Scott pointed out.

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