Eric Geiselman’s Great White Shark Scare


Just-after-the incident video footage of Eric Geiselman getting blasted from below by what is thought to be a Great White shark outside of Santa Cruz, California. By the tone of EG’s voice it’s pretty apparent he was rattled…who wouldn’t be! Glad you’re okay buddy! Video courtesy

Yesterday afternoon while surfing north of Santa Cruz during an O’Neill Cold Water Classic lay day, Floridian pro surfer Eric Geiselman was standing on his board when what we assume was a Great White shark came up from below and snapped his board clean in half. He wasn’t riding a wave, but standing on it like surfers do when trying to get a better look at the horizon. Eric was out the back all-alone after his brother, Evan Geiselman, caught a wave in. Amidst the commotion, his foot hit the creature as he began paddling the remnants of his board toward shore. “It’s nuts to think how helpless you are,” said a rattled Geiselman to TransWorld SURF‘s Aaron Checkwood.

erig geiselman shark scare

We first heard about the incident via a text message from Etnies team manager Joey Daroza, here’s that conversation:

From Joey Daroza (Etnies Team Manager) to TransWorld SURF‘s Scott ‘Desi’ Desiderio:
Geiselman just texted and said he can’t make dinner. A Great White shark ran into him and broke his board!

Naturally, Desi texts Eric Geiselman…

From Desi to Eric Geiselman:
You OK Buddy? I heard you had a close call!

From EG to Desi:
Yeah, was so nuts!!! The thing came up from underneath me and broke my board in half. So sketchy!!!!!!!

From Desi to EG:
Holy crap! You OK?

EG to Desi:
Luckily!!! Just trippin’ still, thank God!!!!

The ironic part of the story is that Eric Geiselman comes from the “Shark Attack Capitol Of The World” New Smyrna, Florida. Glad to hear EG is okay, we’ll get some more details as they come out…

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