Everyday Dale ends 40-year surfing streak

Everyday Dale
After surfing every single day for 40 years, Everyday Dale is taking a break. Photo: Courtesy of SURFER/Craig

After spending every single day for 40 years surfing, Everyday Dale has ended his streak.

The 67-year-old Sonoma surfer has spent every day catching at least three waves a day for more than 14,000 days. During major life events, like the birth of his daughter or health problems, he was out there.

Finally, he’s decided to call it quits because of his second kidney stone.

“After I hit my 40-year goal in September, I realized now is the time to take care of this thing,” Dale Webster told SURFER.

Webster started out with a small goal. In September 1975, he surfed everyday during a solid south shore. He realized he’d surfed 85 days straight and then aimed for 100 days. Once he made it that far, he tried a year.

He continued on for 39 more years.

The hefty goal took 35 surfboards and lots of patience.

He surfed in any condition, sometimes getting bruised in the face to honor his goal.

“It may not be barreling, but the act of putting on a suit, going out there, and just being in the water feels wonderful,” Webster told SURFER.

While the lofty goal is quite the accomplishment, it also came with some drawbacks.

Webster wasn’t able to travel far. The farthest he’s been is Lake Tahoe.

“I don’t want to have to drive to the beach through a flood; I don’t want take my board out of my car during a gale or battle the ocean during a storm. I don’t have to do that stuff any more, I’ve done it,” he told SURFER.

For more on Everyday Dale, read the full article on SURFER.

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