Evolution Surfboards Debuts

Evolution is a new surfboard company based in Solana Beach, California based around the shapes of legendary Australian surfer Wayne Lynch, who is also part owner of the company. He, along with Clark “Beau” Riedel and renown shaper Brian Bulkley, have set up a surfboard company that they hope will change the current market.

“Evo is trying to pass along spiritual surfing to a new generation,” says Riedel. “We want to say that it’s okay to be yourself.”

It’s a sharp departure from the current trend of surfers wanting to look like the current pros and ride exactly the same boards. [IMAGE 1]Acknowledging that surfboards are usually not a profitable venture, part of the equation for Evolution’s success is for the company to help shops make money with the boards. “If I pass margins to shop, they’ll support me,” says Riedel. “And they’ll deliver the customers. We’re just trying to lift the level of surfing.”

The Evolution name is based on the groundbreaking 1968 film with the same title in which Wayne Lynch was filmed ripping like no other on a shortboard. This was one of the precursors to the death of the longboard movement.

In the same vein, Evolution will be a company based on shortboards, but unique shortboards. The company is pushing into new areas of thickness, shape, and width of boards that others like Channel Islands and Rusty have also recently started exploring.

In addition, the company will also explore new fin systems, including utilizing new shapes, sizes, and placement on the board.

The production of boards is a unique process. Lynch will shape and ship specific models to California, where they are used as plugs to program the computer-driven shaping machines at the KKL factory. After the model is programmed, boards are shaped to that size, then finished by Bulkley. Then they are shipped to one of several different glassers in the San Diego area including Global, Morning Glass, Moonlight, and Eberly to be finished.

[IMAGE 2]Boards will be stored in a warehouse in Solana Beach and Evolution hopes to begin shop shipping by September, right after the ASR show.

In a special one-type promotion, the company will also be offering a copy of the film Evolution, along with a poster, T-shirt, and a replica of the board Lynch was riding in the film. Only 50 total will be sold.

For more information about Evolution, call: 1-888-EVO-4249, or log on to: www.evolutionsurf.com.

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