Exploding basketball wasn’t part of team’s trick

An exploding basketball wasn't part of the How Ridiculous team's trick. Ball (circled) is just about to impact the cement. Photo: Screen grab
An exploding basketball wasn’t part of the How Ridiculous team’s trick. Ball (circled) is just about to impact the cement.

The typical basketball is inflated to 8.5 psi, or pounds of pressure per square inch. So what happens when you inflate a basketball to 50 psi and toss it off a 415-foot dam?

The How Ridiculous trick-shot team from Australia took some time out from its attempt at a world-record trick shot to find out. The reaction from the How Ridiculous team of Scott, Kyle, Brett and Derek is priceless:

The How Ridiculous team anticipated correctly that the overinflated basketball would explode on impact with the cement, and even rooted for it to “blow up, blow up, blow up.”

It did. The resulting boom echoed off the dam and the remnants of the exploding basketball flew some 50 feet on the rebound.

“[It’s] nothing that we’ve ever had happen before, and the carnage was pretty epic as you can see,” one of the tricksters said in the video.

The exploding basketball was "nothing that we've ever had happen before." Photo: Screen grab
The exploding basketball was “nothing that we’ve ever had happen before.”

Eventually, the How Ridiculous team used a normally inflated basketball to set a world record for the greatest height from which a basketball shot is made—a 415-foot shot from atop Gordon Dam in Tasmania, Australia.

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