Violent lightning strike caught on security camera

Video screen grab

People who find themselves caught outside during electrical storms are cautioned to stay away from tall trees, and the accompanying footage provides explosive visual proof of why this is potentially life-saving advice.

A security camera in North Jackson, Tennessee, captured the violent strike Tuesday afternoon. We’ve provided a red arrow in the top image, pointing to what looks to be a lightning bolt running the down length of a large tree trunk (watch the footage carefully between 4 and 5 seconds).

Viewers can also see sap exploding, bark being stripped from the tree, and leaves floating to the ground in the aftermath.

“It’s an important reminder not to seek shelter under a tree when thunderstorms approach,” states KRTV News.

But if you happen to find yourself in the woods with no vast clearings, a public health advisory warns, “look for an area of shorter trees.”

People also are advised, obviously, to steer clear of metal pipes, fences, or any tall objects that could serve as lightning rods.

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