This Skier Makes Flying Over an Avalanche Look Easy

"Living on the edge" is an understatement. Now, not one but two French-born speedriders have all but mastered the impossible and flown over the French Alps, while avoiding getting trapped by an oncoming avalanche. Speedriding, the popular European winter sport, uses a pair of skis and a speedwing (a lightweight fabric attachment) to morph into superhero-status as you glide and jump along towering mountain peaks and dangerous snow-capped cliffs.


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Matthias Giraud became the first to fly over the Aiguille du Midi, a mountain in the French Alps during an oncoming avalanche, and this March, 23-year-old Valenin Delluc has joined the ranks. No stranger to cruising down the mountain, this time Delluc pulled off his aerial stunts and lightning-speed gliding as he averted an avalanche. Check out the unreal video above, and we'll be waiting at base camp with a beer if you think you'll be the third to pull off this death-defying feat.

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