SUP Surfing And Fishing On Oahu…at the same time

SUP Surfing And Fishing On Oahu…at the same time

Essentially, our sport consists of several different mini-sports with one common denominator, a standup paddleboard. Whether people are paddling down a raging river in Oregon or into a monster wave at Jaws, they do so on a SUP–albeit very different styles of boards. That’s what separates SUP from other sports and also why it attracts athletes and watermen from wildly different backgrounds. Case and point: the latest video from the Pau Hana featuring founder Todd Caranto SUP surfing and catching fish…at the same time.

While most people stick to the mantra “one thing at a time,” SUP shaper Todd Caranto figures why not do em’ both. He manages to hook a bluefin trevally fish while simultaneously riding a wave on Oahu’s North Shore. It looks incredibly fun and who knows, maybe this will catch on and become the next craze in our sport. Though fair warning, be careful of where you try this; nothing will get you chased out of the water quicker than “catching” a fellow surfer.


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The article was originally published on Standup Paddling

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