Feeling Forgetful? Shut Your Eyes to Boost Memory, Says Study

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Ever find yourself forgetting your PIN number, where you put your keys or the name of a person you just met 20 minutes ago?

Ditch the sticky notes, because remembering might be as simple as closing your eyes, suggest researchers from the University of Surrey.

In the experiment, two groups of participants were shown a series of short films after which they answered questions about what they had seen; half did so with their eyes closed. Participants who recalled events and images with their eyes closed answered 71% of the questions correctly, while those with their eyes open only got 48% right.

Researchers believe that recall is boosted when you block out the outside world, freeing up necessary brainpower, the Daily Mail reports.

Use this study to your advantage: Blanking on your anniversary date? Shut those eyes and think fast, man. 

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