Female reporter goes crazy with laughter after dropping wiggly fish (video)

A female news reporter fell over backwards laughing hysterically after the subject of her interview–a silver carp–squirmed and scared her as she held it, causing an embarrassing blooper and what some might term a slight wardrobe malfunction. At the very least, reporter Carley Gordon of Channel 4 News in Nashville found herself in an unflattering position, as she fell into a wildlife official.

Gordon was doing a story about the jumping silver carp at Cheatham Reservoir. She was on a small boat with Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency officials Brian James and Bobby Wilson on Oct. 4 when the hilarious incident occurred. The outtake took a while before hitting the Internet, however. But thanks to Thursday’s posting by FunnyLocalNews, you get to share in the laughter:

As you can see, when the fish started flopping around on the floor of the boat, Gordon headed for safety in the back of the boat, still afraid and still laughing.

“Oh my God, I almost jumped out of the boat,” she said.

The wildlife officials had a good laugh, too. One can be seen retrieving her bloodied notebook, wiping it off with a towel and returning it to Gordon, who appeared to have been a good sport about the whole incident.

Interestingly, Gordon’s bio at WSMV.com says she “isn’t afraid of dirt, sweat or hard work.”

Just squirming, slimy silver carp, apparently.

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