SUP Women | Brazilian Champ Nicole Pacelli SUP Surfs Monster Wave at Jaws

SUP Women | Nicole Pacelli SUP Surfs Monster Wave at Jaws

…in slow motion.

Thanks to El Niño, this past winter at Jaws will go down as one of the best…like, ever. All winter long, massive swell pumped across Pacific coastlines—not withholding Maui’s north shore—leaving the big-wave community raging with endorphins that ought to tide them over through summer.

As El Niño bids farewell, the swell dissipates as quickly as it came. But thanks to dedicated videography and the weird miracle of the internet, El Niño’s most cinematic moments live on through hours of incredible footage and photos still pumping from Hawaii.

Throughout the winter, we’ve been graced with insane imagery from Pe’ahi—Maui’s fabled big-wave break—most of which, in the standup world, display four-time Standup World Tour Champion Kai Lenny expertly endeavoring to tip the scale of what’s possible in SUP surfing. But that’s not to say a few other hard-charging paddlers didn’t brave the big waves of Pe’ahi. Pictured here, inaugural champion of the women’s Standup World Tour, Brazilian Nicole Pacelli delivers a most impressive display.

In this video, Brazil’s SUP queen takes on a Jaws monster, outrunning the skyscraping whitewater for a worthy instant before literal tons of Pe’ahi’s finest detonate directly on her head. She’s rescued by the world-class water patrol and all is well, leaving this epic slow-motion capture by Greg Huglin to the history books. Watching a woman flex some girl power at a world-famous break most men wouldn’t dare challenge is always encouraging. Tip of the cap, Miss Pacelli.


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