Field Tested: Jetboil’s Genesis Basecamp System

Rob Lyon

Camp stoves have always been a bit of an odd fit for me. A no-brainer if we’re running rafts, when we carry the big Coleman two-burner and a small propane tank. But scaling down to sea kayak we traditionally packed aboard a couple of backpacking stoves. Some years, it’s butane cylinders, others it’s white gas, but always a bit of a head-scratcher. At least we had redundancy if one went south.
But now, with Big Daddy Jetboil in hand and slipping into a kayak hatch like it was designed for it, problem solved. A buddy carries a small tank with a week’s worth of fuel, or shorter trips we carry cylinders.

Rob Lyon

The Genesis Basecamp feels like the big older brother to the little JB stove I keep in the tent to get a jump on a morning buzz. In the kitchen, the Genesis folds out neatly, via an an articulating hinge, into a two-burner stove, heats water zip fast and more importantly, cycles all the way from torch to tickle. Pasta water ready in a shake and the chanterelles getting the treatment they deserve. The flame-control knob revolves four times around its axis, allowing a full range of cooking options. And the electronic striker is a thing of utter joy (I have to say). After years of vagrant sparks and repeated clicks in vain, this baby has a soft trigger and fires on the first pull. It had me grinning.

I know it doesn’t matter a lick how sexy a stove might look, but if it did, this would be the vamp of field appliances. What looks like an enamel paint job and precision trim are high quality work. I love the color, frankly, a bright egg-yolk orange and I don’t see rust getting a foothold. The stove slips neatly inside a 5L FluxPot with a 10-inch fry pan for a lid, both with eco-friendly, easy-clean, ceramic, non-stick surfaces.

Rob Lyon

There is an auxiliary fuel output port to connect other proprietary stoves/burners, should you need them. They have provided a removable wind screen, which I was glad to see, and a carry bag that looks like you just left the millinery. Also worth note: There are no less than seven industry awards for this thing! I can see why.

By the Numbers
(To roiling boil with a large (1.5G) camp coffee pot)

Kitchen (standard gas range): 13 minutes
Standard Primus 2 burner propane: 10 minutes to full boil
Genesis Basecamp: 9 minutes

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