Film: Labrador Passage, Across Far Northeast Canada With Retro Paddling Gear

Expedition canoeist and filmmaker Peter Marshall won Expedition of the Year at the 2013 Canoe & Kayak Awards for his four-month, 2,600-mile Trans-Territorial Canoe Expedition across Canada’s Yukon, Northwest and Nunavut territories. Sounds impressive, right? Well, in 2014, he returned to the remote Canadian wilderness with an added ambition. Marshall set out to, in his words, “retrace a historic 1905 canoe journey through Labrador, using non-synthetic equipment such as a waxed canvas tent, tin-cloth rain gear, and a cedar canvas canoe.”

“Part of me thinks, I can’t use this stuff because it’s all so beautiful,” he told C&K in 2014 before he left. “But that’s the point, I have to use it.” And he did.

Now viewers can join the journey Marshall and friend Andrew Morris took across Labrador while diving into the historical trip that inspired the expedition. The 25-minute film first premiered on Twin Cites Public Television and is now available online. Pull out some pemmican and enjoy!

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The article was originally published on Canoe & Kayak

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