Fisherman discovers live frog in throat of fish

live frog in mouth of fish
Angler discovers the fish he caught has a live green tree frog in its mouth; photo from Z-Man Lures Australia’s Facebook page

Fishermen often lament losing a prized catch with a story about “the one that got away,” but a fisherman in Australia had a different twist on the common fishing phrase. He tells the story about the one that got away from the fish.

Angus James was removing the lure from the jungle perch he had just caught so he could release it back into the water when he noticed a live green tree frog looking up at him from deep inside the fish’s throat.

“I was shocked,” James told News Limited in Australia. “I thought it might have been grass at first, then it blinked. I always carry a camera, so I took the pic and then he jumps out.”

 live frog in mouth of fish
The fish purported to be the one Angus James caught with a frog in its throat; photo from Jimmy Gus James’ Facebook page

The green tree frog escaped his predicament to live another day.

James, a professional field angler from Tackle Tactics, was fishing an hour north of Townsville, Queensland, when he hooked the fish with the frog in its mouth on a recent trip.

News Limited of Australia captured the story beautifully with this headline: “Excuse me, I think I’ve got a frog in my throat…no really, I do have a frog in my throat.”

James posted the unusual photo on Facebook and it became an overnight sensation on the Internet.

“It has gone all around the world,” he told News Limited. “So many people have shared it. There’s people commenting on the photo in languages I don’t even understand.

“Everyone keeps saying the frog got its second chance at life.”

As for the fish?

Pity the poor jungle perch. Not only did it suffer the indignity of finding out it fell for a fake fish that had a hook in it, but it allowed a tasty meal to get away.

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