San Diego fisherman hooks drone on his line

Fisherman drone Pacific Beach Crystal Pier San Diego line hook drone
Video of a YouTube user’s drone being snared by a fisherman in San Diego has sparked an online debate over drone usage.

A fisherman casting off of Crystal Pier in Pacific Beach, San Diego last week apparently got fed up with the presence of a drone that was flying overhead filming the pier, and tried to take it out of the sky by casting a fishing line at it.

The fisherman was accurate with his cast and managed to hook the drone:

The video of the fisherman’s interaction with the drone, which was flown by YouTube user Tice Ledbetter, was uploaded to Ledbetter’s YouTube page last Friday and it has already totaled nearly 1 million views.

While Ledbetter claimed the fisherman was being “a jerk” in the description of the video, many of the viewers have left comments to the contrary, telling Ledbetter he was in the wrong for filming the pier without permission.

“Tice, next time you fly around that pier you’ll definitely fly a little higher, right?” one YouTube user commented.

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Others, however, seemed to come to Ledbetter’s defense.

“Are all of you joking [by] saying the fisherman is in the right?” wrote one YouTube user. “First off, the drone is very, very expensive. Second, you should be able to fly anywhere you want without hassle. And third, you don’t need anyone’s permission to film them in a public place.”

From a judicial standpoint, it is illegal to fly a glider over public property in San Diego, though those city ordinances do not mention drones.

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