Fisherman Survives 66 Days Lost in the Gulf Stream

Tim Graham / Getty

On Thursday, fisherman Louis Jordan was rescued after 66 days spent lost at sea. Jordan, who described himself as an "inexperienced sailor," was first reported missing by his family in Virginia on January 29. He was headed to the Gulf Stream for offshore fishing on his sailing boat. He got caught in rough weather and lost his ability to navigate after the storm severely damaged his boat, which capsized three times while he was at sea.

But to stay adrift and alive, Jordan told officials that he was able to sustain himself by rationing food (fried flour pancakes were the norm) and water, catching fish with his clothing, and collecting rainwater to drink. The Coast Guard was able to bring Jordan home after a German ship took him aboard and reported the rescue. The ship, the Houston Express, found him 200 miles off the North Carolina Coast in good condition despite a shoulder injury and dehydration. Upon his arrival to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital he was able to walk off the helicopter without assistance and apologized to his father for not being able to sail the boat home.