Fisherman uses broom to protect boat against great white shark

On a fishing and research trip targeting yellowtail kingfish, a group of fishermen in Australia found themselves being circled by a great white shark that began nudging and nipping at the boat.

Skipper Dan Hoey of Salty Dog Charters did the only thing he could to prevent the great white shark he nicknamed Black Betty from taking a bite out of the boat or motor. He swept it away with a broom:

“I was a little bit surprised when we did see it,” the charter owner operator told the Herald Sun. “We were out there searching for yellowtail kingfish, and to do some research work to put some satellite tags in them, and this shark turned up and hung around.”

The great white shark was attracted to the boat by the bait in the water meant to bring yellowtail kingfish to the boat.

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Hoey, who has fished off his hometown of Port Fairy, Victoria, for more than 30 years, has used a broom before to shoo away a great white. In fact, it happened just last October. This incident occurred Wednesday.

Though it seems obvious, he was asked why use a broom?

“It’s just an easy piece of equipment to push them away from the motor so they don’t bite it,” he told the Herald, adding, “They’re a little bit unnerving. We weren’t scared, but a little unnerved.”

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