Fishermen get too close to huge crocodile sunning itself

A huge crocodile was sunning itself along the shoreline of the Ord River in Western Australia, so a group of fishermen thought it would be a good idea to get closer for a photo op.

Fishing guide Matt Cox of Kununurra aimed the boat toward shore and drifted toward the 16-foot crocodile that had been minding its own business. Then it made a move they weren’t expecting.

Cox captured video of the encounter and posted it on the Northbound Charters Facebook page, admitting they “got a bit close to this big fella today” (warning for an expletive):

The incident occurred Sunday afternoon in the Kimberley region of Australia as the fishermen were ending their day.

“They were pretty excited when they spotted it on their way home,” Cox’s wife, Courtney, told The Canberra Times.

But the huge crocodile put a bit of a panic into the fishermen when the boat neared the shoreline and it suddenly turned its head and headed their way.

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“When they hang out on the bank, it usually means they’re sunning themselves and they don’t tend to move around a lot,” Courtney told The Canberra Times.

“So when he spun around, the timing [of the boat drifting] meant it looked close and it was close, but it wasn’t too dangerous by any means.”

The sight of a crocodile sunning itself on river banks is not unusual for locals, but for tourists it can be a new and exciting experience; even for those watching it on video.

“We didn’t think the video would be that popular, [but] everyone seems very interested,” she said. “I guess you get complacent when you live locally, but the tourists seemed to love it.”

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