Kayak Fishing Guide Adam Fisk Breaks Own (Unofficial) World Record With Insane Catch off Coast of Panama

When Robert Field says “that’s the craziest thing I’ve ever seen come out of the water with a line in its mouth,” you pay attention. Field is a kayak fishing pro who documents adventures in fertile salt- and freshwater fishing waters across the globe for his YakFishTV channel. Yet he’d never experienced a marlin on the line. That is, until he captured, and then became a part of Adam Fisk’s epic recent catch off the southern coast of Panama.

Fisk’s perspective / YouTube_YakFishTV

Fisk, who works as a guide for Los Buzos Resort near Cambutal, Panama, was enjoying a day off from putting guests on fish when he hooked up with a monster. Field documents what turns into a dramatic six-hour, 12-minute fight in the tense episode of his Field Notes series shown above. Go straight to 14 minutes, 22 seconds to get a sight of what Fisk estimates is a 500-pound trophy billfish, which he first hooks up with approximately two miles off the Azuero Peninsula.

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Fighting for four hours, the marlin drags Fish over eight miles farther into Pacific waters. Shortly thereafter, Fisk reels in enough line to touch his leader (the 15 feet of line closest to the hook) which constitutes an official marlin catch. Then he boards the resort’s support panga for help pulling in the fish for photo documentation.


With Field offering Fisk a spell, the fish keeps diving. After six hours, they reach the leader again with the exhausted marlin alongside the support boat—and finally cut it loose. Field states the fish is likely the world record for largest marlin ever caught from a kayak. His reasoning? Fisk himself was the (unofficial) record holder after his Dec. 2019 black marlin catch that he estimated around 450 pounds—at the time the largest of its kind brought to leader from a kayak. Still processing having caught an even larger fish, Fisk and Field have little time for record-book confirmation. They’ve got bigger problems with the sun setting and without enough gas in tank to motor the 15-plus miles back to the beach.

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