Fit Fix: the Case for the Low-Sodium Diet


1) Low-salt diet is the best for Americans.

A new study claims that 500,000 deaths a year could be prevented if people cut back their daily salt intake to one teaspoon. Despite a wealth of past research suggesting that low sodium levels could pose health risks, a recent study says that a diet sparse in salt is actually beneficial in the long run. Saltless food might seem bland to the palette at first, but gradually cutting back will adjust your taste buds to savor flavor without the extra seasoning. [Reuters]

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2) Historic lows in crime linked to lead, not policy.

Following an all-time spike in the early ’90s, violent crime rates began to plummet in 1994 and fell to historic lows in 2010 (check out the stats here). Why? Well, politicians long took credit for the fall in violence, but now a new study published in Chemical and Engineering News says the real culprit was lead (yes, lead.). Known to cause behavior and mental disorders, the heavy metal was banned from gas and paint in the 1970s. As a result, the researchers argue that the generation coming of age in the ’90s was less prone to crime . [MNT

3) Man with robo-hand “feels” the first artificial touch.

The first synthetic sensation was felt by Dennis Aabo Sorenson. Sorenson, who lost his left hand in an accident 10 years ago, experienced feeling through a bionic hand attached to his arm that shot electric signals up through to his nerves. He was able to distinguish texture, weight, and shape in the objects the mechanical hand grasped, bringing back sensations he hadn’t felt in nearly a decade. The robotic hand is part of the Life Hand 2 project led by Silvestro Micera from the Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne in Switzerland. [TheGuardian]

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4) The food industry will start to label GMOs.

Taking the initiative on what seems like policy destined for stores everywhere; major food companies will label their products to show whether or not they’re genetically modified. This “test run” will give manufacturers an idea of how well GMOs sell, prepping sales for any future law that would require such labeling. [AP]

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