Fit Fix: Could Ecstasy Be Used to Treat PTSD?

Ecstasy used to treat ptsd rotator

Could ecstasy be used to treat PTSD?

From the club and into the clinic…A study published in the journal Biological Psychiatry suggests that the popular rave drug could be used to treat anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The feelings of euphoria and a decrease in emotional response that the drug produce could help assuage the crippling effects of psychological conditions. [EurekAlert]

Cigarettes more dangerous than ever, Surgeon General lengthens list of smoking risks.

In a renewed push to stomp out one of America’s most lethal addictions, Surgeon General Boris Lushniak has tacked additional smoking risks onto an already harrowing list. Among them are diabetes, bodily disfigurement in babies born to smokers, arthritis, and erectile dysfunction. The dangers posed to secondhand smokers were also said to be more severe than previously thought. Lushniak did note that because e-cigarettes deliver nicotine without burning or smoke, they might be a useful tool in curbing the national epidemic. [NPR]

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Both sides of the brain work together to make speech happen.

A new study from New York University has found that contrary to past scientific thinking, we use both sides of our brain for speech and language. “Our findings upend what has been universally accepted in the scientific community that we use only one side of our brain for speech,” study author Bijan Pesaran told the press. “Now that we have a firmer understanding of how speech is generated, our work toward finding remedies for speech afflictions is much better informed.” The findings could lead to improved treatment for people regaining the ability to speak after suffering a severe injury or stroke. [MNT

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