Fit Fix: Drinking Whole Milk Will Keep Your Weight Down

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1) Eat fat to burn fat: The case for whole milk and yogurt keeps growing.

A growing body of research is beginning to support an age-old dietary trend that only recently became taboo: people who consume whole milk, cream, and butter have an easier time keeping weight off than people who avoid it or opt for low-fat alternatives like skim. Researchers argue that the heavier stuff keeps us full, theoretically staving off hunger for longer. There may also be evidence that high-fat dairy doesn’t contribute to the obesity and cardiovascular disease epidemic. Low-fat and skim, could your days be numbered? [NPR]

2) Popeye’s power is no myth.

Need lightening quick reflexes for the day? a new study in the journal Neuropsychologia claims that eating spinach and eggs can jolt your response time due to an amino acid called Tyrosine. The study suggests that Tyrosine could be used as a safe and natural supplement that could temporarily boost our intellectual ability and reflexes much in the way that Ritalin and other speedy drugs do. [ScienceDaily]

3) Hemp seed oil could become the cornerstone of a heart-healthy diet.

A cousin of the marijuana plant, Cannabis sativa (aka hemp) has many healthful benefits, say Spanish researchers. Its oil version contains the perfect ratio of omega-6 and -3 fatty acids and numerous other beneficial plant chemicals. [Reuters]

4) Tired? You’re probably making healthy choices.

Findings published in the Journal of Consumer Research suggest that when you’re physically spent, you tend to make decisions that are better for your health. This ironic twist in behavior could result from the evolutionary need to protect yourself when you’re down. The closer to defeat your body is, the more it looks after itself. [EurekAlert]

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