Fit Fix: Fruit Juice Is Just As Bad for You As Soft Drinks

Fruit juice just as bad as soda rotator

1) Fruit juice is just as bad for you as soft drinks.

In an editorial in the journal Lancet Diabetes, medical researchers took a swing at everyday fruity beverages, saying that juice—even the all-natural freshly squeezed stuff—played just as large a part in the obesity and diabetes epidemic as highly sweetened sodas. The researchers pointed out that despite being chock full of vitamins and other important minerals, calling fruit juice a healthier alternative to sweet drinks was misleading since the sugar content was about the same in general for both. [TheLancet]

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2) Dressing a little edgy.

Well, maybe not by sporting rags, but dressing a little off the beaten path could make your professional peers think you’re more competent and confident. Nonconformists seem to subliminally project an air of success since they are willing to dare the status quo while still behaving professionally. It might be time for that obnoxious tie crammed in the back of the closet to make its debut. [EurekAlert]

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3) A cluttered life leads to bad behavior.

The best way to curb that binge, whether it’s shopping, chain-smoking or boozing, is by bringing a little order and organization into your life. A new study from the Journal of Consumer Research found that people who were placed in rooms that were messy, cluttered, and generally poorly organized, were more likely to splurge on pricey products and perform badly on critical thinking tests than when they were in thoughtfully arranged tidy spaces. [EurekAlert]

4) You’re brain acts like it’s high on weed when you’re really hungry.

The smell of a tasty food is intoxicating when you’re starving—literally. Writing in the journal Nature Neuroscience, scientists reported that skipping a meal leads to the production of endocannibinoids in the brain, compounds that look a heck of a lot like the THC in marijuana. The compounds (like THC), trigger a heightened sense of smell making you ravenous. [NPR]


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