Fit Fix: Hooking up Your Friends Will Make You a Happier Person

Valentines day matchmaker rotator

1) The case for playing matchmaker this Valentine’s Day 

You might not have found that special someone, but playing Cupid with friends could play out favorably to your hand in the long run. A series of studies published in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science found that people who stoked a budding flame between others were happier as a result. (And the less likely the match, the happier the matchmaker.) Wielding social status for the greater good evidently makes us swell with pride, even if we’re still single in the end. [EurekAlert]

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2) Shocker: women prefer taller men.

While height doesn’t seem to matter too terribly much to most men, the majority of women seem to favor guys with a few inches on them. In a study conducted by Rice University and the University of North Texas, nearly half of women said they would only date someone taller while only 13.5% of men said height was important to them. The ladies’ preferences seemed to stem from the need to feel feminine and protected. The study’s lead author George Yancey however, thinks that social rather than biological roles dictated by a patriarchal society form woman’s desire. [EurekAlert]

3) Does exercise make you brainier?

A Finnish research team is seeking to understand the connection between physical activity and mental acuity. Previous studies have found that working out can boost your brain, ramping up memory, attention, critical thinking and problem solving. Their project— Active, Fit, and Smart— hopes to finally hash out all the links between thought-power and fitness through a series of studies aimed at people of all ages. [ScienceDaily]

4) Vitamin C could be our cancer-busting ally.

A study published in Science Translational Medicine says that Injecting cancer patients with extra doses of the supplement could increase the efficacy of chemotherapy while also helping to clean up the toxic mess leftover from the treatment. [MNT]

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