Fit Fix: the Newest Bird Flu Strain Claims Its First Victim

Bird flu rotator

1) New bird flu strain claims first victims.

Chinese officials say an elderly woman from Nanchang died of the virus— dubbed the H10N8— back in November. Genetic researchers say new mutations in the virus make mammals particularly susceptible. No human to human transmission has yet been reported. [LATimes]

2) Yogurt could slim your risks for type-2 diabetes.

Snacking on low-fat dairy like yogurt and cottage cheese could cut the odds for developing the disease by 24%. A study published in Diabetologia found that Brits who included the light creamy stuff in their diet were far less at risk then those who didn’t. [EurekAlert]

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3) Subway says it will take bizarre chemical out of its sandwiches.

Amidst public outcry and a petition of more than 65,000, the megachain announced it would remove azodicarbonamide, a chemical used in making yoga mats, from its bread, but not before a snarky reminder that the chemical was approved by the FDA and USDA. Oh, geez, comforting. Sorry about the collective hissy fit, Subway, pump your frankensubs with whatever you want as long as the feds says it’s OK. [Time]

4) The American diet is woefully skimping on whole grains.

A study from the University of Minnesota says that the country as a whole is severely skimping on the fiber-rich food typically found in oatmeal, cereal, and bread, with nearly 42% of adults not getting any whole grains in their diet at all. The USDA and the Department of Health recommend that half of your daily grain intake should consist of whole grains, with at least three one-ounce servings a day. [Reuters]

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