Fit Fix: Shivering Burns As Much Fat As an Hour-long Run

Fit Fix: Shivering Burns As Much Fat As an Hour-long Run

1) Shivering burns as much fat as an hour-long run. 

Standing in the cold freezing your ass off might be just as effective for burning fat as going for a quick run. A study published in the journal Cell Metabolism found that 15 minutes of shivering burns about the same amount of fat as an hour of moderate exercise. How? When your body begins to get cold, it starts turning the bad white fat into brown fat—heat-producing insulation that warms your body up to protect it from the cold. Though, for the sake of your heart and muscles (and everything else), we wouldn’t recommend standing out in a blizzard sporting a tank top; instead try going out for a brisk run. [ScienceDaily]  

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2) Your mind rewrites your memory.

Researchers from Northwestern University in Chicago now say your brain “edits” your memory with info from the present, completely changing the way you remember the past. This allows your mind to focus on important facts of the present, keeping your thoughts up-to-date and zeroed in on the relevant tasks at hand, rather than getting all muddied up in the confusing objectivity of a truthful timeline. The research could have big implications for how we think about courtroom testimony and other legal proceedings—not to mention autobiographies. [TheIndependent]

3) FDA to launch campaign targeting teen smoking.

The campaign “The Real Cost” will target Americans ages 12–17 nationally with a series of educational ads that highlight the risks and dangers of smoking tobacco. The ads will depict the macabre health effects of lighting up. The FDA will muster up additional campaigns over the next three years, hoping to prevent 300,000 teens from smoking. [CNN]

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