Fit Fix: Is Sugar Killing America?

Sugar in soda is killing america rotatoro

1) Sugar is public enemy No. 1

A landmark study that’s being called the biggest of its kind has found that the added sugar from processed foods can lead to fatal heart problems and death. It does’t take much, either. Having as much as two 12-oz sodas a day can greatly increase the odds of an early death. The risks tied to sugar from processed foods don’t seem to be attached to any other health factors, suggesting that it was probably the primary cause in a lot of cases of early deaths. Sodas were cited as one of the leading culprits behind excess sugar intake. [AP]

2) Weekdays are the best days to lose weight.

We all splurge with a burger and a beer after a long workweek, but a new study says that though we might let loose on the weekends, it’s really our weekday diet that changes the game. The research team found that people who stuck to a consistent pattern of gaining a little weight on the weekend and losing it during the week lost weight in the long run, while those who didn’t have any kind of pattern eventually gained weight. [ScienceDaily]

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3) Car crashes caused by weed are on the rise.

Health researchers from Columbia University say that deadly wrecks involving marijuana have tripled over the past decade while car deaths related to alcohol have stayed about the same. One in nine drivers who end up in fatal accidents now test positive for the drug. If trends continue, the study’s authors suggest, drug-related car deaths are set to overtake alcohol in a few years. [WebMD]

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4) Cancer is spiraling out of control, says the World Health Organization

The disease is now the leading cause of death around the globe, killing 8.2 million in 2012.  WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer reports that new cases of reported cancer could climb to 22 million globally within 20 years, bringing crippling and unmanageable medical costs.  WHO urged the global community to reign in the disease with health measures and policy. [MNT]

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