Fit Fix: Your Ego Is Destroying Your Productivity

Your ego at work is destroying your productivity rotator

Ego-tripping makes you bad at your job.

Is humility the key to productivity and success? A research team from the University of Milwaukee found that people who had their egos artificially inflated through thought experiments (they were told to imagine themselves being lifted up a skyscraper in a glass elevator) performed much worse on challenges assigned to them by the researchers than those who didn’t get any extra moral support. Turns out we tend to work much harder when we’re unsure of ourselves, instead of floating on a flimsy cloud of confidence. [NPR]

Vitamin E and C supplements kill your training progress.

While vitamins C and E are known to be crucial immune-system boosters, a new study shows that packing in extra doses might actually hinder training. Athletes in the study who upped their vitamins E and C intake had a harder time developing their muscular endurance than those who didn’t. The research team suggested that taking in extra supplements meant taking in extra antioxidants, which could be hindering the oxidative stress that helps muscles become stronger. [MNT]

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The obesity epidemic is only getting worse.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is urging countries around the world to reign in obesity by tightening regulation on fast food, encouraging global markets to supply fresh and healthy options. WHO cited a study conducted by the University of California which found that the current market encourages the sale of super-processed foods, dangerous farming practices, and engrains a culture of unhealthy eating by advertising to children—all of which could be curbed by tighter rules from governments worldwide. [Reuters]

Drivers with ADHD are 50% more likely to get in a crash.

A Swedish study found that the inability to pay consistent attention and a tendency for impulsivity meant people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) were 50% more likely to make unsafe choices and be involved in a serious accident. The study’s authors highlighted the importance of sticking to medication for drivers with ADHD. [WebMD]

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