Five Weirdest Ways to Move a Mile

Complete a mile main

Four laps around a track. 5,280 feet. The approximate elevation of Denver, Colorado.

The one-mile distance holds a certain allure over world record seekers. The fastest human has completed it in 3:43:13. Top-notch bicyclists on flat ground can complete it in just over a minute and a half. NASCAR racers at top-speeds can finish one in just under 20 seconds.

But when world records are on the line, our creativity has extended beyond the foot, bike or car. The human’s strange, crazed, and adventurous mind has developed infinite ways to travel a mile. Here are some of the best.

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The Beer Mile

Alcohol-infused endurance athletes take their competition very seriously, as seen by the extensive beer mile rulebook posted on

The basics of the beer mile involve chugging a 12 ounce can – and it must be a can, not a bottle, and most definitely not a solo cup – of beer, then running a lap on a quarter-mile track. Repeat three more times to complete the mile, but beware, losing your cookies gains you an extra penalty lap. 

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The current world record stands at an intoxicating time of 4:57, as the Roger Bannister of endurance run-chugging, James Nielson, shattered the five-minute mark for the first time.

The Burpee Mile

Coming in as the least efficient way to travel 5,280 feet, is the burpee mile.

Do a burpee. But instead of jumping up after the pushup, jump forward. Now do that for a mile.

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Apparently there are enough crazy people in this world to justify an actual burpee mile race, which usually takes competitors more than two hours to complete.

The Joggling Mile

Joggling, as the blended verbiage suggests, combines jogging and juggling. The current world record of 4:43 was set in 1986. We are still unsure whether that record was so fast that it is now simply out of reach for the young, competitive jogglers of the world, or if the ‘80s happened to be the last golden age of the joggling era.

The Rolling-an-Orange-with-Nose Mile

File this in the “this-actually-exists” category. Ashrita Furman, the man who holds the Guinness World Record for the most Guinness World Records, added to his list by rolling an orange through the JKF airport for one mile in 24:34.  

Furman also deserves special mention for holding the world record in the fastest somersault mile, hula-hoop mile, and completing the fastest mile on a pogo stick.  

The Pushing-a-Car Mile

According to Guinness World Records, to break this record a competitor must push a car that is at least 4,000 pounds. 

In 2011, Konda Sahadev decided to push a van weighing 5,952 pounds instead, and still broke the record with a time of 11:39.  

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