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Four Helmets to Protect Your Brain

When you’re standup paddling whitewater, a helmet is mandatory. Any fall in shallow water, even if you’re not moving fast, could be hazardous to your melon. Luckily there are a lot of companies out there that have been making kayak helmets for years and have it dialed. Here’s the beta on five lids we’ve put through the paces. — David Spiegel

NRS anarchy

NRS Anarchy | $72 | NRS.COM
NRS provides excellent whitewater safety at an affordable price with the Anarchy helmet. The Anarchy has a ratchet-style tensioning system that grips your neck, keeping the helmet snug and in place while the ConeHead liner disperses impact forces to reduce the amount of G-force transmitted to your noggin when you crash. Velcro fit pads deliver a fully customizable fit, while vents at the back of the helmet provides cool, all-day comfort. The Anarchy is perfect for paddlers who charge hard but don’t want to break the bank… or their cranium.

Bern Watts

Bern Watts H2O | $79 | BERNUNLIMITED.COM
The H2O is the first watersports helmet from Bern, the Massachussets-based company that has been a force in snow, skate and bike helmets for a decade. The design is meant to withstand multiple small impacts without being compromised. The foam shell and neoprene liner keep the helmet from getting waterlogged and the styling is simple and tough, meant to protect your cranium from low speed impacts while paddling. A small, unobtrusive visor provides added sun protection and keeps water from running over your face.

sweet prot

Sweet Protection Rocker | $218 | SWEETPROTECTION.COM
The Rocker is popular because of its lightweight construction, rugged durability and full coverage. Snug is safe, and the Occigrip tensioning system and fit kit makes it easier than ever to achieve a perfect fit. Removable ear pads keep you warm on cold-water missions, and a removable visor is perfect for long sunny days. The Rocker doesn’t come cheap, but the tough injection-molded thermoplastic, sure fit and careful engineering make it one of the safest helmets on the market—and a great choice for paddlers seeking maximum protection in shallow and challenging waters.

wrsi trident

WRSI Trident Composite | $168 | WRSISAFETY.COM
The Trident is a low profile, fully composite helmet from WRSI. The carbon shell sits atop an EVA foam liner and polyurethane subshell for three-layer impact protection. A wide brim offers the best sun protection in the business and the lightweight materials ensure all-day comfort. The O-Brace harness and removable fit pads allow paddlers to customize the Trident to fit any noggin shape. This is a great helmet for a hot summer day.

Perfect example of why you should wear a helmet.
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This feature originally ran in the Spring 2016 issue.

The article was originally published on Standup Paddling

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