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A Home Gym Kit To Get Your SUP Muscles Fit Off The Water

We’re sorry to say it but we can’t always be on the water. Bummer, we know. The good news is that you can still tune your body for when you get out there, no gym required. These are our tried and true solutions to home fitness; we hope they make you stronger for your next session.

1) Marcy 25-Pound Kettlebell


Otherwise known as torture balls, these Russian-designed pain-inflictors allow you to do dynamic exercises that help build your aptitude for explosive movements. We love to hate kettlebell swings, tricep extensions and lawnmower pulls. Yes, it’s hard in the moment. Yes, you will notice a difference out on your board.

2) Century Medicine Ball


You’re just going to have to learn to love the burn. Medicine balls also help in dynamic movement and make a game of suffering. We like wall tosses, ball slams and Russian twists. If a ball’s involved it has to be fun, right? Wrong, but they make you strong.

3) StrongBoard Balance Board


This balance board lives in our office and is fun for wobbly meetings, phone-call squats and an occasional bout of shaky push-ups. When we get more serious, it adds another level to our training regimen, making simple exercises like squats, step-ups, planks and the aforementioned push-ups more challenging. It’s also built tough and hasn’t lost any of its spring in the months we’ve been using it.

4) PowerAmp xXx Flexfast Cable


A tool for strength, injury prevention and rehab, this rubber band cable is a crucial tool for any athlete looking to improve their range of motion and protect their bodies from the stresses of paddling. Experts such as elite SUP trainer Suzie Cooney use them in their practices and we can’t recommend them enough for warm-ups and working on muscular imbalances.

5) TriggerPoint Grid Foam Roller


This is the most frequently used piece of equipment in this review. No, it doesn’t make you stronger, but it does do invaluable work on loosening up hard-to-reach tight spots such as your low back, your shoulder blades and your IT band. The beauty is that it doesn’t take long to get the benefits of this little puppy. If it’s too intense, use the softer foam nodules. A must-have for any SUP athlete.

6) Prana ECO Yoga Mat


This lightweight offering from Prana has just enough padding for workouts on hard surfaces and is made of closed-cell foam so it doesn’t absorb your sweat. We throw it in our cars, pull it out for yoga sessions in the park and use it as an exercise platform in our driveway while working with the other gear in this review.

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