Gear Review: Body Glove 3T Barefoot Warrior

Photo: Mike Misselwitz
Photo: Mike Misselwitz

Gear Review: Body Glove 3T Barefoot Warrior

There’s only so much you can do to protect your feet during a river trip. Stubbed toes are hard to avoid when you’re plunging through shallow rapids standing up, and as soon as you pull off your soggy footwear to stretch your toes at camp, you’re bound to make direct contact with the thorniest thorn on the riverbank.

The 3T Barefoot Warrior is Body Glove’s solution to the aforementioned ailments, and after trying them out on Utah’s San Juan River last month, we’re giving them two (toe) thumbs up.

These are not your typical toe shoes. Or your typical reef booties. More like a hybrid, with ample insulation and padding to keep your feet protected and warm, enough agility and grip to keep your exploring nimble, and breathability to keep your feet dry and comfortable both in and out of the water.

SUP mag digital editor Mike Misselwitz, putting the 3T Barefoot Warriors through the ringer on the river. Photo: Black-Schmidt
The 3T Barefoot Warriors, charging through the ringer on the river. Photo: Black-Schmidt

These kicks were designed for the common amphibian who doesn’t like to swap footwear when swapping from land to water. They dry fast, and the material is light so they’re still comfy when soaked. The soles are lined with rubber grip that was equally effective on the deck of my inflatable and when bouldering along the river or hiking along the riverbank. Matter of fact, the 3T Barefoot Warrior’s were pretty flawlessly suited for just about every activity I did during the three-day river trip with the exception of sleeping. I even wore them as my knock-around camp kicks, which cut sandals and a spare pair of dry shoes from the packing load.

In terms of functionality, the 3T’s have a lot going on. The adjustable drawstring laces make syncing them up easy, and they offer a deep heal so there’s no lift in the snug fit. Moreover, unlike traditional toe-shoes (if there is such a thing), Body Glove trims unnecessary material by including three toes in one slip beside the independent thumb and index toes, which I found a welcomed feature when taking them on or off. Perhaps the most functional feature for the river lies underneath—the soles are embedded with a mesh drainage system that’s designed to keep debris out while simultaneously draining water. So there is no swamp-foot involved. And at this price you won’t need a five-digit discount to pick up a pair.

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