Get the Dream Job: Five Ways to Make a Flawless Resume

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Grammar and spelling errors on a résumé aren’t as deadly, hiring-wise, as they used to be. In a new Accountemps study, only 17% of employers said they’d toss your CV if it had a glitch, down from 47% in 2006. (Who doesn’t become inured to typos, reading Gawker or BuzzFeed all day?) Still, sending a résumé that screams “I didn’t care enough to proofread this!” is a big chance to take, so clean it up with these hacks:

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1. Read It Out Loud

Print the résumé out and read it aloud, both forward and backward, to catch repeated words.

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2. Don’t skip lines

Go line by line: Use a sheet of paper or a note card to isolate each row of text, and read slowly down the page to proof.

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3. Grammar Counts

Identify mistake categories—numbers, punctuation, homophones (its, it’s)—then scan for one type at a time. Grammarly is a useful tool for weeding out grammar errors automatically. It’s a paid app but Grammarly usually has discount offers available.

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4. Don’t Space Out

Flip the résumé upside down, then on its side, to catch spacing glitches.

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5. Always Make it a PDF

Convert it to a PDF, so you know exactly what it’ll look like when it’s opened (bye-bye, MS Word conversion snafus).

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