Get It: the Portable Paddleboard

Stand up paddleboard

“Wow, this paddleboard is unbelievably convenient to transport,” said nobody ever in the history of paddleboarding. Unless you live right near the water or have the proper vehicle, spending money on your own board is a tough sell. It takes up space, can be cumbersome to haul around, and isn’t exactly travel friendly. Not so with the Gnaraloo Inflatable SUP, an innovative inflatable board from the all-including dudes at Global Surf Industries.

In addition to the 10’2″ board, the convenient kit includes a seven-inch rear fin, hand pump with pressure gauge, and a two-piece aluminum paddle. And it all fits tidily (at 30 pounds) into a backpack with mesh siding to allow for drip-drying when you’re on the move. So go ahead and take it with you on your next camping trip. Heck, take it on your next business trip. With the sturdy pump, inflating the board to the recommended 15–20 psi is fast and easy.

In use, there’s no give at contact points, and we were pleasantly surprised to find that, at 32 inches across and six inches thick, it feels as sturdy as any solid board on the water. The Gnaraloo is also made of the same durable and waterproof materials as inflatable kayaks and rafts, so it’s equally suited for bouncing around rough surf as it is for placid lake cruising. And when the day is over, just pack it into the included backpack and walk away hasslefree: no roof rack (or car) required. 


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