Giant wrasse swallows diver’s camera, receives accidental endoscopy

Just when you think you’ve seen it all when it comes to those tiny, high-definition cameras everyone seems to have these days, some new footage emerges that makes you smile in wonder or amusement. Not sure what kind of reaction the accompanying footage will incite, but it could be the first time a giant fish has received an accidental endoscopy after swallowing a GoPro.

The diver was Robert Calcagno of Monaco’s Oceanographic Institute, and the Napoleon wrasse swallowed and spit out the camera twice, while it was on, enabling a view of its teeth from inside the mouth, and part of the stomach.

Calcagno seems to have had his camera attached to a chain and if this is true, one can’t help but wonder whether this experiment was accidental or intentional.

But Napoleon wrasses (also called humphead wrasses), which reside in warm portions of the Red Sea, Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean, are voracious critters. They’re able to push their jaws out in front of their snouts in order to snare fish that are hiding in narrow reef crevices.

They can reach lengths of 7 feet and weights exceeding 400 pounds. That is, unless they choke on a camera and die before their time.

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