Dave Boehne and Gio Gomez Slow Motion SUP Surf

Dave Boehne and Gio Gomez Slow Motion SUP Surf

It’s no secret that Giorgio Gomez and Dave Boehne are two of SUP surfing’s finest. The two are regularly featured in countless edits of them pushing progressive SUP surfing to the limit. While those videos are no doubt impressive, this latest edit captures the duo perfecting everything from torque-filled turns to aerials–all in slow motion. The slo mo effect gives the rest of us the unique opportunity to see exactly how they execute these eye-popping maneuvers. So hit that play button and prepare to go to school from two of the best.


Giorgio Gomez rips at Sunset.

Dave Boehne doin’ what he does best…shredding.


The article was originally published on Standup Paddling

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