Going sneaker shopping with skateboard legend Eric Koston

Skateboard legend Eric Koston is a bit of a sneakerhead. If you follow him on Instagram, he’ll give you bits and pieces of his love for sneakers. But it really doesn’t begin to show how deep his obsession goes. Considering Koston was one of the first skateboard icons to make the jump over to the Nike SB program back in 2009, it’s no surprise that he knows his sneaker history.

Which makes him the perfect guest on the sneaker shopping series Complex has been running. Taking celebrities to Flight Club shops, they talk about how sneakers (and which sneakers) have influenced them over the years — plus they get to do a little sneaker shopping as well.

Koston essentially gives a history lesson for the sneakerhead/skateboard crossover sect. Diving into the 1980s when skate legends like Lance Mountain and Steve Caballero were wearing Nike Air Force 1’s and explaining how that influenced his desire for the sneaker culture.

This also led Koston to bring those elements into his own pro models (like the éS K3 shoe, among others) throughout the years. He also talks about his “dream come true” of getting to do a collab shoe with basketball star Kobe Bryant after he was added to the Nike roster.

All-in-all, it’s an interesting sneaker lesson from Mr. Koston himself.

Eric Koston loves sneakers.

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