How a GoPro Captured a Florida Spring’s Unique Beauty

Devil's Spring System
Photograph by Anai Colyer

Located along the southeastern region of the Santa Fe River in High Springs, Florida, lies 30,000 feet of cavernous passageways known as the Devil’s Spring System, an aquatic retreat for seasoned divers made up of three springs: the Ear, the Eye, and its 50-foot-long head, the Little Devil.


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From 25 feet below the surface of the Devil’s Ear, the foremost entrance where the system and the river meet, photographer Anai Colyer captured her fellow divers, Yanet Salgado, Matthew Fraser, Chris Henson, and Danny Henson, using a GoPro Hero 4 Silver [$400;]. The river produces a noticeable reddish-brown tint, the result of decaying vegetation that combines with the clear waters of the spring to create a Technicolor backdrop of blue, green, red, and yellow hues.

Sam Antonio Photography/Getty Images

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“When I was at the surface, I could only see the murk,” says Colyer. “But as I dove down, it became clearer and the sunlight made the colors pop.”

A Florida local, Colyer has been a certified diver since the age of 12. But the experience at the Devil’s Spring was incomparable to any dive before. “If heaven exists, that’s what it would look like,” she says. “Diving has always been my sanctuary, and that spring reminded me—this is where I’m meant to be.”

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