Greg Hill Summits 100 Peaks Without Using Fossil Fuels in His New Film ‘Electric Greg’

Any time that record-breaking mountain endurance athlete Greg Hill sets his sights on something, he’s not likely going to fall short of his goal.

Having set a world record by climbing 50,000 feet in 24 hours in 2006, climbing (and skiing) 2 million vertical feet in the same year in 2010, and climbing 330,000 feet in a single month in 2014, Hill is no stranger to extreme challenges.

And two years ago, after realizing the negative impact that some of these adventures were having on the environment, Hill set out to summit 100 peaks without the use of any fossil fuels of any kind. And his journey is wonderfully captured in his new film Electric Greg.

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“I know what my physical limits are, so now at this point I’m like ‘What else can I evolve?’ And it’s become this evolution of how I adventure,” says Hill in the film. “My goal is to climb, ski, run 100 different summits without the use of fossil fuels. I can’t use a snowmobile, I can’t helicopter access, I can’t fly to foreign lands to go on big adventures. It’s more local, and it’s quite simple that way.”

While Hill most certainly was laser-focused the whole time to fulfill his goal, he still makes it clear that it’s more about how this accomplishment makes people feel about the environment, and that it hopefully triggers a spark in others to act in positive ways toward the planet and simply make this world a better place.

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On his way to the 100th summit on Mt. McCrae in Canada with his daughter, Hill reflects on the whole challenge, and what it means to him. “I’m starting to realize the biggest reward is definitely just feeling good about what I’m doing,” he says. “And I think in life and in everything, your emotional reward is what we’re looking for, and in this case it’s been really fun because it means more than just my selfish personal adventures.”

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