Grizzly that killed black bear does the unexpected with dog

A grizzly bear made a rare visit to a neighborhood in British Columbia where a woman videotaped an encounter it had with her dog.

Grizzly bears are rarely seen on the Sunshine Coast, though one was seen and killed in Egmont last month, according to CBC News.

The grizzly discovered Monday eating fruit from a tree it knocked down in a yard in Sechelt has wildlife officials worried about public safety. They didn’t need to worry about the safety of the dog, however.

“Look at the size of this bear!” Eliza Yates, the woman who took the video, wrote on Facebook. “Andy is at the very least 80 pounds, likely more. As you can see, [the bear was] not concerned with myself or Andy.”

No, the grizzly unexpectedly ignored the barking dog totally, despite the dog being no match for the grizzly.

Wildlife officials told CBC News that the grizzly has been spotted multiple times in Sechelt this week and that it killed a local black bear.

“To date, the bear has not displayed any aggressive behavior to people,” the Conservation Officer Service wrote on Facebook, according to UPI. “Conservation Officers have set live traps in the area in an effort to prevent conflicts with the bear.”

One of the traps was set up near where the grizzly stored the black bear.

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Wildlife officials are hoping to catch the grizzly and relocate it, probably to the Chilcotin region of B.C., where grizzlies traditionally live.

“We are definitely prioritizing public safety in this case, but we are also concerned for the well-being of this bear,” conservation officer Sgt. Dean Miller told CBC News.

“We don’t want to get into a situation where a member of the public destroys this bear themselves [by feeding it and habituating the bear to humans].”

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