Habitat: Shane and Gavin Beschen

Habitat: Shane and Gavin BeschenBy Justin CoteI’ve lived with my brother before, and it wasn’t pretty. You all know him. He’s the famous Chris Cote-editor of the best surf magazine in the world. He also happens to be the worst person ever to share a one-bedroom apartment with. He always had a loud, sweaty entourage with him, never cleaned anything, and continuously jacked off in the shower.

Shane and Gavin Beschen have a much better living situation. Instead of a one-bedroom apartment in Leucadia, California, they have a two-story dwelling on an acre of land in the heart of the North Shore. They bought the parcel of land from a Hawai’ian family who’d lived there since ’57. When the surf is junk, they hone their surfing skills on a concrete “wave” in the driveway. While older bro Shane was in Europe chasing WQS points, Gavin gave TransWorld SURF a look around the Beschen compound.

How does living here compare to San Clemente?

San Clemente is home-you know, we were brought up there. Island style is cool, though. It’s good for me-the culture, the people.

What’s your favorite part about the house?

There’s so much to be done, so many good possibilities. So many nice people are helping us out.

How long does it take you to walk to Rocky Point?

Three minutes-round-trip.

When did you guys move in?

We bought the land in ’99 from the family who live next door. They’re super cool. Yeah, there were junk cars, horses, and weeds. It was a lot of work.

So how did this wave thing come about?

My brother and godfather built it. My godfather is like my dad-a carpenter-but with cement.

Do kids always come over asking to skate?

Yeah, all the time. John John, Mason Ho, all the groms.

The concrete “wave” is about 40 feet long and three feet tall at its highest point. There’re nubs at both ends, like little chunks of whitewash begging to be slapped. Gavin breaks out a skateboard and rips the thing to pieces. Ollies, kickflips, power slashes-all things you’d love to do on a surfboard.

The Beschen brothers are living proof that living with your brother doesn’t have to be total hell. All it takes is an acre of land, a giant two-story house, an artificial wave, and a three-minute commute to some of the world’s best surf. That’s okay with me and my brother, though. We could take the Beschens out in a heat anytime … on the TransWorld SURF video game.

Just for the record, Justin’s head is greasy, he was always borrowing my clothes and ruining them, and he sucks at video games.-C.C.

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