Habitat: Taylor Knox

In last issue’s installment of Habitat, we featured the den of sin known as Benji’s Clubhouse. For this issue’s installment, however, we ventured to the opposite side of the spectrum¿the homey, family-style residence of Mr. Taylor Knox. Nestled in the cozy hills of Carlsbad, California, Taylor Knox lives a happy toy-filled existence with his lady and family. The rooms are filled with toddler toys and the walls are covered with tropical paintings made by friends. There’s warm light coming in through the many windows, and the sound of children laughing echoes throughout the halls.Here’s a quick glimpse of Taylor Knox’s habitat.

CALLOUTS”It’s my sanctuary because whenever I’m away, this is where I’m thinking about.”

“It’s not a house where you feel when you walk in you have to be really careful so as not to break anything.”

“They were a little worried because I think they thought I was a drug dealer or something.” “We’ve got a lot of bobcats around here, and a ton of coyotes.”

Is this your sanctuary?This is my humble casa. It’s my sanctuary because whenever I’m away, this is where I’m thinking about.

How often are you here?This year has been great. So far I’ve been here about four and a half months, and it’s been insane. All that’s going to change here pretty soon, though laughs.

Are you going out again?Yeah, out on the road. It’s cool, this year there’s only eight contests. It’s not a lot, but I’m not complaining.

What does it feel like when you walk through the door after being gone on a long trip?The best thing about my house is that it’s comfortable. It’s not a house where you feel when you walk in you have to be really careful so as not to break anything. There’re toys all over the place. My CDs are pretty unorganized. I basically just kick back here and lay on the couch. It’s great.

Is this your first house?No, this is my second.

Which place is your room?The garage¿the best room in the house.

Why?Because I can have surf wax out. There’s surf wax all over the floor¿my boards are there. I can leave things everywhere if I want to. I’ve got a radio out in the garage that I’ve had since the seventh grade and it still works laughs!

What are your neighbors like? What do they think about Taylor Knox living next door?The best thing about where I live is my neighbors. They’re so cool. I’ve got a family from Turkey next door to me and they are just insane. They’ve got all these great names. Then we have the Campbells¿they have three girls. I have super good neighbors.It’s funny, when I first moved here, one of my neighbors next door asked me, “How many other people in the neighborhood are your age?” I told them that I thought I was the only one. They were a little worried because I think they thought I was a drug dealer or something.

Really?They’d see me come and go all day¿I’d be gone for a while, come back, and then be around all day. They couldn’t figure it out.

What do you do when you have people over?My second favorite thing about my habitat would be the backyard¿the barbecue. We have the music up pretty loud, which is cool because I’ve got good neighbors. They understand, and I can blast the music We have a barbecues, loud music, and some entertaining people like the Gerr Brad Gerlach over.

Who hangs out here?Yeah, the Gerr’s been here. He makes an appearance every once in a while. We pay him, of course¿he doesn’t do anything for free. Just a lot of my friends I grew up with¿Josh Potter and Tim Fox. Tim’s pretty famous. Then there’s Wit Rolet¿he’s probably the craziest dancer I’ve seen. So, we do have some entertainment around this house, for sure. Also, my son’s a crazy dancer.

Do you often have dance parties? My son loves Christy’s Taylor’s girlfriend and his new baby’s momma taste in music. He’ll grow out of it, though. He likes hip-hop, which is cool. She’ll put in Madonna, or something, and I’ll say, “What aboutt Pearl Jam?” And he’s like, “Dad, that stuff sucks!” He’ll come around soon.

What’s in the fridge? Who does most of the cooking around here?Christy probably does. I do some, though¿I can cook. I make my son breakfast every morning. I can whip up some mean scrambled eggs. We have a lot of juice in our fridge, tofu, and rice. We pretty much live healthy around here. And then, of course, we have some pints of Häagen-Dazs in the freezer, so we’re not all vegan.

What chore around the house is your least favorite to do?Picking up after myself. That’s what I’m told, anyway laughs. I leave my shoes everywhere. Wherever I am, I’ll take them off and just leave them. And my clothes … if I’m in a hurry I’ll just leave them on the bathroom floor. Pretty irresponsible.

What’s the future of this house? We’re about to plant a bunch of sage, rosemary, and other bushes in the back, so we can get all of these kinds of different scents. It’s so I can come down in the morning, open the windows, and an onshore breeze will blow nice scents into the house. It’s going to be nice.

How many rooms?Four rooms, three bathrooms, and a three-car garage. I turned one of the rooms into an office, though.

Do you know the square footage?I think it’s twenty-seven thousand square feet, something.

On a cul-de-sac?Yes, on a cul-de-sac.

How’s the view?Out of my daughter’s room, we can see the fourteenth hole of the golf course we live around, but it’s actually cooler here in the backyard. There’s also a seven-mile trail that goes around, and it’s right behind our house. There aren’t any houses behind ours yet, which is cool.

Do you have any pets?Just tons of lizards. We’ve got a lot of bobcats around here, and a ton of coyotes. I’ve see some quail. We also have an owl who lives in the trees that we hear at night. I guess he’s been here for fifteen years or so. There’ve been a couple rattlesnakes around, too.

How would you describe this house, in terms of decor?It’s not all based around the kids, because we’re still changing it around a lot. We’re also slowly buying more paintings to put in the other rooms as we go along. We’ve got hardwood floors I really like. I like that natural wood kind of feel, and that’s what we have in our house.

Are there any possessions you’re really proud of?I’m super into music. I love my CD player and my new six-channel Merrick.

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