Hawk swoops in to snatch just-released baby bunny

Joey Gore and his family in Virginia thought they were doing a good deed after finding a baby bunny in their garage. They fed it and nursed it back to health for a week until the big day when they felt the bunny was ready to return to its mommy and get back into nature.

Nature can be cruel, as the bunny named Kermit and the Gore family found out moments after releasing the critter at the side of the house upon spotting its mother in the yard. The result is devastating but humorous at the same time. Watch:

As you can see, a hawk swooped in and snatched the baby bunny before it could get to its mommy, prompting a gasp and then a bit of laughter from the Gores.

Joey Gore then posted the video on YouTube and called it “Bunnies can fly … proof.” It has since gone viral with more than 11.5 million views.

It reminds us of the story about the cadet at West Point who released a mouse into the wild after catching it in his barrack.

Like Kermit, Whiskers was whisked away by a hungry hawk.

Yes, nature can definitely be cruel.

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