Henrik Harlaut, Johanne Killi win Ski Slopestyle Finals at Dew Tour

With solid conditions and temps in the high 30s at Breckenridge Ski Resort, the best slopestyle athletes put on a show for the crowd and gave it their all today for a shot at a coveted Dew Tour title.

This year’s slopestyle competition was more exciting than ever, with athletes pushing the limits during the Olympic qualifier event.

dew tour ski slopestyle finals
Henrik Harlaut wins the Men’s Ski Slopestyle Finals at Dew Tour. Photo: Durso

The sun decided to come out for the Men’s Slopestyle Finals, with a heated battle until the final run. While everyone was skiing at the highest level, the win officially went to Henrik Harlaut (SWE) who stomped the best run of the day consisting of a left lip bio 450 safety grab to backslide, switch left 270 continuing 270, right double 1260 safety, switch left trip 1260 high mute, backside 270, right 450 to switch, switch right bio 900 safety, left dub 1620 tindy. The run scored Harlaut a 95.00.

“Skiing is the very most fun thing I know to do,” said Harlaut. “As long as I do that, I’m just super happy and grateful. Pressure definitely comes, but I try and look at it as a positive thing. I use the pressure to fire me up.”

Nick Goepper (USA) also got one step closer to Olympic glory this afternoon, scoring a 92.00 and taking the second place finish. Oystein Braaten (NOR) secured third with his 91.33 score.

dew tour ski slopestyle finals
Henrik Harlaut (SWE, 95.00), Nick Goepper (USA, 92.00) and Oystein Braaten (NOR, 91.33) sit atop the Men’s Ski Slopestyle podium at Dew Tour. Photo: Ortiz

During the Ski Women’s Slopestyle Finals, Johanne Killi (NOR), solidified a Dew Tour title with a back swap continuing 270, switch on 450 out, right 540 Japan, switch right 540 double Japan, slide to switch, switch on front swap to switch, switch left 5 Japan, left 9 tail. Her clean, practically flawless run earned her a 90.00 and the top podium spot.

“I love having a course with four jumps,” said Killi. “If you’re a professional freeskier, I think you should be able to ski every direction. This type of format really showcases what we’re capable of and I’m happy to be a part of this kind of progression in the sport.”

dew tour ski slopestyle finals
Johanne Killi (NOR, 90.00), Tess Ledeux (FRA, 89.00) and Sarah Hoefflin (SUI, 84.00) top the 2017 Dew Tour Women’s Ski Slopestyle podium. Photo: Ortiz

Tess Ledeux (FRA), came in just a point shy of Killi with an 89.00 for the second place win, and Sarah Hoefflin (SUI) scored 84.00 on her final run to take home third place. Take a look at the full results below:

Ski Men’s Slopestyle Finals Results
1. Henrik Harlaut, SWE, 95.00
2. Nick Goepper, USA, 92.00
3. Oystein Braaten, NOR, 91.33
4. Evan McEachran, CAN, 90.00
5. Alex Hall, USA, 89.66
6. Gus Kenworthy, USA, 87.66
7. James Woods, GBR, 80.00
8. Bobby Brown, USA, 77.66
9. Cody Laplante, USA, 64.66
10. Antoine Adelisse, FRA, 28.33
11. Colby Stevenson, USA, 22.33
12. Mcrae Williams, USA, 11.00

Ski Women’s Slopestyle Finals Results
1. Johanne Killi, NOR, 90.00
2. Tess Ledeux, FRA, 89.00
3. Sarah Hoefflin, SUI, 84.00
4. Maggie Voisin, USA, 83.00
5. Isabel Atkin, GBR, 81.33
6. Dara Howell, CAN, 79.33
7. Darian Stevens, USA, 72.33
8. Devin Logan, USA, 39.33

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